Francis Addai

Francis Addai

Full-stack Developer, Devops


To leverage my technical expertise to develop solutions that bring value to your business.

Personal Profile

I am a thinker and a problem solver. I approach Software Development with an appreciation of the value software brings to your business. I identify my clients' pain points and tackle them with technology.

I am well versed in the technologies that power the web. I have been developing applications for the web for years. I have picked up experiences - both good and bad - in every project I have worked on and these will be useful in future projects.

I consider myself adaptable and run with anything that helps me get the work done as well as approach technologies objectively. I am not obsessed with any kind of technology but I love open source software.

I actively take part in ensuring the expected operations of the solutions I develop. This involves setting up logging, analyzing and monitoring the health of the application and the systems overall. My skills in server administration comes in handy during these stages of the software development life cycle.


I have worked with quite a number of technologies, mostly, web.

  • Proficient in
    • PHP (Wordpress, Laravel)
    • Javascript (jQuery, Node.js)
    • Python (Django, Flask, Pyramid)
    • Mobile App (jQuery Mobile, Android)
    • Java (Play Web Framework)
    • Databases (MySQL, SQlite, MongoDB)
  • Familiar with
    • Graph Databases (Neo4j)
    • C# (ASP.NET MVC)
    • Ruby (Ruby-on-Rails)
  • Favorite tools
    • Git (version control)
    • Sublime Text
    • Vim
    • Bash
    • *nix
    • Photoshop
    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • HTML5/Mobile Boilerplate
    • intelliJ
    • Dash
  • Operating Systems:
    • Ubuntu (Desktop,Server)
    • Windows
    • CentOS
    • Mac OS X
  • Cloud Platform and Infrastructure
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Digital Ocean
    • Heroku

Work Experience

UI/UX Engineer, Rancard Solutions Limited

January 2014 - June 2015

At Rancard, I am responsible for creating and designing web applications and user interfaces for web and mobile applications. I also create beautiful and functional user experiences for internal and external clients. This typically involves setting up, configuring and integrating specific applications for clients.

Training Coordinator, mFriday

November 2011 – January 2014

My responsibility is to identify and organize trainings for the developers at mFriday to bring them up to speed with current trends in mobile web/app development.

Developer, mNotify

June, 2012 - October, 2012

I assist with technical design and functional specifications for applications identifying user needs, analysing options and alternatives and evaluating function and integrity of applications.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Voto Mobile

August, 2012 – November, 2012

VOTO amplifies the voice of the under-heard. Our innovative SMS and Voice survey platform allows thousands of rural and urban Africans to be heard by governments, aid organizations, and businesses.

Computer Committee Head, PENSA-KNUST

April 2010 - April 2012

Part of my responsibilities was to develop the group’s website and maintain it, design brochures, fliers, booklets, posters, etc.

Web Applications Development, Freelancer

June 2009 - present

I have supervised myself working on a couple of projects spanning web design and development, web and mobile web application development.

Key Skills

  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Mobile Web
  • Python
  • Linux
  • Public Speaking
  • Entrepreneurship


Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

B.Sc. Agricultural Engineering

Angel Educational Complex, 2007

General Science


  • Geeking out in the terminal with tips from commandlinefu
  • Sci-fi movies
  • Blogging
  • Reading

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